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​The unique solution to repair, easily and provide a quick and permanent solution for your conveyor belts

FIX’N GO® is an innovative and quick solution to repair rips or damages on conveyor belts. Definitive repair with no further intervention required. Compatible with our range of belt cleaners, self-centring devices and transfer points.



  • ​100% compatible with belt cleaners, belt trackers and transfer points from our range*

  • High resistant product against rip and regular impacts.

  • Easy and quick installation.

  • No need for specialised tools, just a powered driver and a belt skiver are necessary.

  • Compatible with small pulley diameter.

  • A unique product for all your belts and all your repairs.

  • Installation regardless of the access conditions, weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, cold weather…) during the day or the night.

  • Safe product: no need of dangerous products like adhesives or chemical products harmful to health.

  • Compatible with belt scrapers or cleaners.


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Fax:          0262 349 59 22

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